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Looking really promising man! Though you might want to put that its a trailer, I got the impression it was the full video and when the fighting never turned up I was super bummed out. But I'm looking forward to the full thing!

Hey, it was okay! Though there is a LOT you can improve on. The lip syncing was a little off, the audio needs a little clean up (recommend some of the tutorials on this very site for that) but the big thing for me was the quality of the animation.

The characters never really moved at all except for their arms and mouths. Which is okay sometimes, but their posture and stance were always in the same boring, stood upright position. It says nothing about their character, and it brings the animation down tremendously.

This tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3iOFYXlRG4
explains what I mean in a lot more detail (highly recommend binging on that whole channel actually).

I could criticise you for a lot of other things (although you had a great use of colour and I liked the pace and flow of your animation!) but its better if you start on one thing and improve that, the rest will come later :) hope this helps!


Beautiful work man, you should never apologise for posting from the JonTron era!

Wakman111 responds:

Yeah I'm surprised with the amount of feed back I'm getting from youtube and reddit. I might do more in the future

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I think my first thought about 2-3 minutes into this game is 'when does it end?' and then I had a duh doy moment remembering it's called 'Endless Void'.

It's super eerie, and the music accompanying it is really what delivers the whole atmosphere, which is the best part of it.

But walking down a corridor, and there being nothing but walking down a corridor, with no end, the eeriness wears off and the thing becomes dull after the 'oh, its JUST this'.

If there was something to strive for, if there was a goal insight, a reason to compel us to keep walking besides experiencing eeriness and just plain curiosity, then it could be something really cool. But at the moment it feels a bit like a tech demo?

ErasmusPauli responds:

Imagine you could not stop being in this, as your life is over.

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Oooh I love it, really reminds me of Binding of Isaac, good job man :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Whoah, it seems I totally forgot about this review o.O!
Thanks a lot man, I'm glad you like my track :D
I love The Binding of Isaac, Edmund is a genius, and so is Danny, who made the music XD

Definitely circus-y! You can tell its a good loop when I start listening to it and half an hour later I've not turned it off yet because I forgot it was a loop xD

But it's totally awesome you got this done, finishing projects is hard but super healthy! Good luck with the collaboration man :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot for the review, and good luck in NATA!
I'm glad it seems I managed to stay true to the genre too :D
And wow, half an hour? XD

Finishing projects can be hard indeed, and weird too. I'm glad I did it though ;)

Don't hesitate to ask for background music, I'd be happy to help!

I liked it! Would make really good background music for a castlevania themed game, reminds me of the game MediEvil on PS1 for some reason! It's simple but nails the atmosphere it's trying to create really well, nice work!

MrBellington responds:

Cheers! Thanks very much for the review.


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